Beer & Music Festival
Welcome to the page where you can book tickets in advance for our Beer & Music Festival. FOR FULL DETAILS OF THE DIFFERENT TICKETS AVAILABLE AND TO ENSURE YOU BUY THE CORRECT TICKET, PLEASE VISIT AND READ THE EVENT PAGE ON OUR MAIN WEBSITE. On the calendar below select the date you will be visiting us. If you are visiting for more than 1 day then select the first day you will be visiting - the Weekend Rover may be better value for you? If you choose to buy tickets for separate days please add them to your shopping basket for the first day, then choose "add more tickets" and select the second date you wish to book for. 1 Day tickets will be dated according to the date you have chosen, and will only be valid for that date.
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We are a charity.
We protect animals in danger around the world. Please donate, it means so much to our work and we cannot claim back Gift Aid from the government if you do not. By giving a little you are helping a lot.
Event Rover & Entry Tickets for 1 Day.
1 Day tickets for travel on Thursday 18th October can only be purchased upon arrival.
Event Rover & Entry tickets for All 4 days of the event.
All 4 Days Event Rover Adult
£40.5010% £0.00
All 4 Days Event Rover Concession
£36.0010% £0.00
All 4 Days Event Rover Child
£16.00 £0.00
All 4 Days Event Rover Adult for Member or Local Resident
£29.7010% £0.00
All 4 Days Event Rover Concession for Member or Local Resident
£27.0010% £0.00
Other Items
Branded Festival Glass
£4.00 £0.00
Card of 6 Beer Tokens
£10.00 £0.00
Total:    £0.00

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