Halloween Tickets

Welcome to our ticket booking page.

Tickets booked on this page are Day Rover tickets that give you unlimited travel on the Halloween Train on the 27th or 31st October 2019.

Once you have booked your Day Rover tickets for the Halloween services, you can then book an allocated seat on board the Wizards Express experience on the 27th or 31st October 2019.

How to book your tickets:

1) Choose the date of your visit on the calendar grid below. You can buy tickets for dates coloured green. The tickets will be allocated for the date you have chosen and cannot be used on any other date, nor can they be refunded. However, once you have made your booking, if you subsequently need to the change the date of your booking you can do so by contacting us via email - details of how to do this will be on your booking confirmation.

2) Choose the all day train tickets you require. All Rover tickets allow unlimited travel on the date of your visit, and full price tickets also allow free entry to the Rail Story museums at Ingrow station. Tickets discounted with a Membership or Local Resident Railcard do not have inclusive entry to Rail Story.

  • Adult = All passengers aged 16 years of over, unless considered a concession (see below).
  • Concession = Persons aged 65 years or over, Students with NUS Totum Card, Holders of English National Bus Pass. You will need to show your ID or card to prove entitlement when collecting your tickets.
  • Child = Children aged 5 to 15 years of age inclusive. Children under 5 are not charged for train travel.
  • Small Family = 1 Adult or Concession and 1 Child travelling together. 

Members or Local Resident Railcard tickets are only valid if you are a KWVR Member or have a Local Resident Railcard, which must be valid on the day you visit.

3) Once you have selected the Day Rover tickets you require, press "Add to Basket" and you will then have the opportunity to book seats on the Wizards Express.

Booking tickets for: 

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1) Choose the number of all day travel tickets you require:
1 Adult Day Rover & Museum Entry
£18.00 £0.00
1 Adult Day Rover with a Member or Local Resident Card
£9.00 £0.00
1 Concession Day Rover & Museum Entry
£15.00 £0.00
1 Concession Day Rover with a Member or Local Resident Card
£7.50 £0.00
1 Child aged 5 to 15 Day Rover & Museum Entry
£9.00 £0.00
1 Child aged 5 to 15 Day Rover with a Member or Local Resident Card
£4.50 £0.00
1 Adult + 1 Child Travelling Together Day Rover & Museum Entry
£22.00 £0.00
Total:   £0.00