Welcome to our ticket booking pages.

On this page you book tickets for reserved compartments. You must board and leave the train at the times and station shown and you cannot break your journey. The compartment will be reserved for the exclusive use of your group.

We also have carriages available that do not require reservations and you can join and leave the train as you please throughout the day using ordinary tickets. To book the flexible tickets please click HERE.


How to book your reserved compartment tickets:

1. Choose the date of your visit, the station you wish to board the train at, and the time of train you wish to travel on.

You can book a reserved compartment from Haworth or Keighley stations. Please make sure you choose the correct station - you can only start and end your visit at the station you have chosen. If you arrive at a different station we may not be able to accommodate you. You can choose to see all available departures from any station, or can use the filter to only show departures from a specific station.

2. Choose the Compartment Size you require. 

Please book a maximum of 1 Compartment per booking. Children under 5 do not need to be counted in the number of passengers you are booking for. For example, if you have two adults + one child aged 8 + one child aged 4 you do not need to count the child under 5 and therefore only need to book a compartment for 3 people.

Also add Dog Tickets if required. Dogs cannot be carried in First Class compartments. If you buy a First Class ticket, please do not book Dog tickets as they will not be allowed in First Class compartments.

Press "Add to Basket"

3. The Seating Plan will then open. You will need to choose your compartment. The colour coded key - which is shown below the coach plans - will show which compartments are available. Each coloured block represents one complete compartment. Click on one of the coloured blocks which matches the class of travel you have chosen.

Press "Add to Basket"


1) Throughout the booking process 1 Seat = 1 Compartment. Where it says Seat, it means Compartment.

1. Choose your date
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2. Select Time.

Checking availability...
Checking availability

If you have any problems using our booking system, or want to ask any questions before making your booking, please e-mail us at


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