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Welsh Highland Railway 'Heritage Trains' Tickets - Sundays 4th, 11th, 18th & 25th August 2019

Arrive at Dinas station 1015 - 1030 where you will be met by your host for the day and told about some of the history of this once important interchange station. (NB You may arrive on the 1000 service from Caernarfon and alight at Dinas station which is a request stop for a supplementary fare.)

Your special train, consisting of Ffestiniog No.2 'Prince' and three heritage carriages, will depart at 1100, turning inland and onto the old Welsh Highland trackbed.

First stop is at Tryfan Junction. The station building here has been lovingly restored by volunteers, and this is your chance to see inside and learn about this busy little quarry line. There will also be some unusual photo opportunities and a mug of station master's tea or coffee.

At 1210, the train sets off again, crossing the service train at Waunfawr before continuing to Rhyd Ddu. On the way, you pass several other former stations and buildings that mostly go un-noticed; but on this occasion there will be time to stop and see these from the train window.

At Rhyd Ddu, the train terminates, and while the loco runs round and takes water, your packed lunch will be served and you will have a chance to stretch your legs before the return to Dinas.

Departing at 1400 for a leisurely return to Dinas, you cross the service train again at Waunfawr before arriving at Dinas at 1505. For those continuing to Caernarfon, you will have an hour to watch the shunting, look around the station and admire the views toward Anglesey before catching the 1605 service train home.

Packed lunch will be simple fare, served in an insulated bag which you may keep after your journey. Vegetarian and gluten free options available (ONLY by calling the Booking Office on 01766 516024) but we are not able to accommodate a wide range of dietary requirements.

We look forward to giving you a glimpse into the fascinating past of the Welsh Highland Railway.

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