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Online Booking for WELSH HIGHLAND RAILWAY trains originating at CAERNARFON

Use this page to book Third Class return journeys on the Welsh hIghland Railway starting from Caernarfon and travelling to Beddgelert.

First you MUST reserve a seating bay for the exclusive use of your party - there are 30 seating bays available on each train.
You can then book up to 6 people per seating bay. If you have more than 6 people you MUST book another bay of seats.

Your reservation fee includes travel tickets for the first TWO guests in your party - on the next page just add any ADDITIONAL people who are travelling with you.

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Selected date: 21 September
<September 2020>
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2. Choose your train departure time
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3. Choose your tickets
Reserved seating bay on 1100 train from Caernarfon
Mon 21 Sep 2020 (11:00)

3rd Class - Standard Seating:
Reserve your 'exclusive use' 3rd class seating bay for a party of 2. £80.00 £0.00
Total   £0.00
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