Moses Kellow

Moses Kellow


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Moses Kellow - The Autobiography of the Croesor Quarry Manager

Moses Kellow (1862 – 1943) was the Manager of Croesor Quarry from the mid 1890s until its closure in 1930. He is famous for his remarkable engineering achievements including the hydraulic Kellow drill, and introducing three-phase hydro-generated electricity into the quarry works. After going blind at the age of 80, he dictated his autobiography giving a unique insight into this very strong-minded individual and his views on many topics.

This publication is entirely due to the huge amounts of research that have been undertaken by a Croesor Quarry enthusiast, Adrian Barrell, and it represents a fraction of the material that Adrian has amassed on the quarries. Adrian has kindly provided an Introduction to the book and most of the appendices. The autobiography was originally published in twenty-four editions of the Quarry Managers' Journal in 1944/5.

A very successful book launch took place at Porthmadog Maritime Museum on Saturday 3rd October 2015. One of the few remaining Kellow drills was borrowed for the launch from the Porthmadog Highland Heritage Railway.

Moses Kellow: The Autobiography of the Croesor Quarry Manager has 204 pages, 19 black and white photographs and 2 maps, and is paperback, A5 size and its
ISBN No is 978-0-9561469-9-1.