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Meridian MPM8/3 Penrhyn Fullersite (3 Pack) Kit

Meridian MPM8/3 Penrhyn Fullersite (3 Pack) Kit


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The Penrhyn Railway (1879-1962) carried quarry output from Bethesda to Porth Penrhyn. After the First world war a by-product of slate quarrying was developed in finely graded slate powder, given the trade name 'Fu1lersite', this was used as a filler for such things as road asphalt mixed with bitumen. The bagged product was conveyed from the quarry in a fleet of 4 wheeled wagons designed specifically. A total of approximately 90 wagons of 2 types were built in small batches of 20 or so at a time - lift out sides, with heavy timber stanchions and dropside. Our kit is of a wagon in the last batch, no. 85, with iron floor and ends and 2 plank dropsides. A similar wagon may be viewed at Penrhyn Castle Museum.

Pack of 3 !!