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Peco: GR-300 4-Wheel Flat Wagon (2) OO-9

Peco: GR-300 4-Wheel Flat Wagon (2) OO-9


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Peco GR-300 Pair of generic narrow gauge flat wagons.

Utlising the underframes for the Lynton and Barnstaple 4-wheel wagons Peco are producing generic narrow gauge flat and timber bolster wagons, which will be available in pairs.

Flat wagons were the basic wagon type used in many industries, it could easily be adapted to carry a wide range of loads, almost anything which could be placed on the floor and expected to stay there with a minimum of securing for a short journey. This would include all kinds of timber, fresh-cut and sawn, stone blocks, metal products, crates, scaks, barrels, even farm produce like hay could be bound up and secured to a wagon.