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Eighties Spotting Days - Back to the Ashes 2

Eighties Spotting Days - Back to the Ashes 2


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Eighties Spotting Days Back to the Ashes II
by Kevin Derrick

Following on from the popular first two volumes in this series we take another quality pictorial look at the network during the 1980s. The photographs have been chosen to make even those who thought it was a dull decade for our railways sit up and take another enthusiastic look at all that has passed.

Chapters Include: Twenty Twenty Vision, Down by the Waterside, EMUs Old & New, Special Services, Working on the Railway, Ashington's Teddies, Depot Panoramas, The Woodhead Route Recalled, Tunnel vision, Life's a Gas, Shunter memories, Watching the Railway, Eighties night Life, Pass the Parcel, North West Silhouettes, Napier Finale.

96 Pages full colour. HARDBACK