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Any Colour You Like - A Journey Through Britain's Railways in the 1970s
by Richard Harper

The seventies was the decade when British Rail painted everything that moved, and quite a lot of things that didn't, in corporate 'Rail Blue'. Beneath the seemingly ubiquitous brand was a railway full of character and complexity. Britain in the seventies was rich, varied and more politically complex than we sometimes care to remember, and the railway was no different.

After the decimating Beeching closures of the sixties, the pace of modernisation was constrained by limited funding, and politicians across the political divide remained hostile to a railway often described as yesterday's mode of transport. This negative context isn't the whole story - British Rail was investing in future design and technology, breaking world records, and launching Inter-City 125 to transform the speed, frequency and quality of rail travel.

Hardback, 176 pages, black & white and colour photographs