Independent Buses in Staffordshire (SuperPrestige)

Independent Buses in Staffordshire (SuperPrestige)


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Independent Buses in Staffordshire - Super Prestige Number 19
by Neville Mercer

Staffordshire is well known for many things, but for the transport enthusiast it was undoubtedly the number of Independent bus operators that enhanced its interest. Neville Mercer's second Super Prestige title deals with over 30 operators covering their early history and in most cases their ultimate demise. The way many of them co-existed alongside the large territorial companies, in particular the Potteries Electric Traction Company (later PMT) is concisely covered, contrasted with the story of how many continued to exist in terrain that was far from being particularly productive in terms of passenger numbers.

Over 160 black and white photographs are supplemented with a 16-page colour section that pays tribute to, in many cases, these resolute owners who are no longer in existence.