Cumberland Motor Services 1912-2012

Cumberland Motor Services 1912-2012


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Cumberland Motor Services - 1912 to 2012 - 100 Years of Service
by Harry Postlewaite

Cumberland Motor Services was founded as Whitehaven Motor Services Company in 1912 and this publication has been prepared to celebrate its centenary. It does not attempt to be a history of the company as the known history, up to 1996, has been covered in the author's previous books, British Bus Systems No 1 - Cumberland and Cumberland Motor Services 1921 to 1996.

It is therefore a pictorial review, mainly in colour, of its development over the past 100 years and includes many previously unpublished photographs of the company's vehicles and operations. There is also brief reference to the expansion of the company which took place in 1997 with the takeover of the North Lancashire area from Ribble.