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Yorkshire Woolen (Prestige Series)

Yorkshire Woolen (Prestige Series)


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Yorkshire Woollen - Prestige Series 8
by John Banks with photography by GHF Atkins

Following the immense success of the Yorkshire Traction album in the Prestige Series, celebrated photographer Geoffrey Atkins turns the spotlight on another favourite fleet from among the many that operated in the West Riding of Yorkshire. "Woollen" was centred on Dewsbury and ran a dense network of services serving dozens of smaller towns and villages, as well as participating in some of the most glamorous of the long-distance express routes including the Tyne-Tees-Mersey and the London Pools.

The Atkins Collection covers this fine fleet from the late-1920s to the 1990s and approximately 100 views give a comprehensive review of this much-missed fleet. As always with the G H F Atkins Prestige albums, John Banks has provided the text and captions.