Independent Operators Derbyshire (SuperPrestige)

Independent Operators Derbyshire (SuperPrestige)


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Independent Bus Operators in Derbyshire - Super Prestige Number 38
by Neville Mercer

The latest volume in Neville Mercer's series covering independent bus operators takes a look at Derbyshire, and provides complete histories for more than 20 companies which were active in the county between 1950 and 1986. The operators range from small firms based in Peak District villages to the more substantial enterprises in the south and industrial north of the county which competed head-on with the likes of Midland General, Midland Red, and Trent. Well-known operators such as Booth & Fisher, Hulley of Baslow, and Silver Service find themselves alongside more obscure names including the Derby on a Friday operators which brought a flotilla of Bedford OBs to the county town on a weekly basis. This 192 page book is profusely illustrated (in black & white and colour) and the photographs include such rarities as a Leyland Gnu, the one and only Leyland Panda, and Silver Service's AEC Q coach.