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We're open most weekends and Devon school holidays from 2nd November 2019 until 27th March 2020. Little Stars (our play area for under 7's) is also open most week days. We are CLOSED on the 24th, 25th, 26th & 27th Dec and 1st Jan.

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ItemAt EntranceOnline PriceQuantityTotal
Winter Adult - 2nd Nov to 22nd Mar
£11.95£10.45 £0.00
Winter Child (3 to 17 years) - 2nd Nov to 22nd Mar
£11.95£10.45 £0.00
Winter Child (1 to 2 years) - 2nd Nov to 22nd Mar
£6.50£5.50 £0.00
Winter Child (under 1) - 2nd Nov to 22nd Mar
£0.00£0.00 £0.00
Winter Senior (65+) - 2nd Nov to 22nd Mar
£9.95£8.45 £0.00
This is a Gift - Please post a gift voucher to the address provided at a cost of £2
£2.00£2.00 £0.00
Total:    £0.00

If you have a group booking for 20 people or more please call or email for prices.

Children under 18 must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

Please note that online tickets are non-refundable. However they can be used on any day we're open during the applicable date range they were bought for.