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Please Note : Pecorama Gardens are now closed including the Beer Heights Light Railway until the 26th March. However, the Shop, Exhibition, Play Station and Garden Room Restaurant are open on restricted hours (Please see opening times for details).

Entry prices to these areas are (Please note that Tickets are available on arrival):


Under 3 and Over 80 years of age = Free

3 to 16 years of age = £2.00

17 to 79 years of age = £3.00

Play Station:

Under 1 year of age = Free

1 and Under 3 years of age = £4.00

3 to 12 years of age = £6.00

Adults = Free

Why not purchase tickets for our 2018 season which starts the on the 26th March in advance and beat any price increases. Tickets purchased now will be valid from 26th March 2018 until 31st October 2018 and are non refundable.

Interested in purchasing an Annual Pecorama Membership for yourself or as a gift? Click here.

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2018 Season Tickets
First Class Tickets
Adult First Class (17-64yrs)
£12.00£10.80 £0.00
Child First Class (3-16yrs)
£10.00£9.00 £0.00
Senior First Class (65yrs +)
£11.00£9.90 £0.00
Standard Tickets
Adult Standard (17-64yrs)
£10.00£9.00 £0.00
Child Standard (3-16yrs)
£8.00£7.20 £0.00
Senior Standard (65-79yrs)
£9.00£8.10 £0.00
Concession Tickets
Child Under 3
£0.00£0.00 £0.00
Over 80s Standard (80yrs+ / Free)
£0.00£0.00 £0.00
Total:    £0.00

Memberships | Special Event Tickets

We are also pleased to announce that due to popular demand we can offer a Child Winter Membership for the price of £15 applicable for those age of 1-12 years of age, which covers entry to the Play Station, Model Railway Exhibition and gives discount on refreshments, shop purchases and birthday party bookings (This membership will expire on the 26th March 2018). Please click Here if you wish to purchase this Child membership. Tickets for non-members to the Play Station and Exhibition are available on arrival.

See Terms and Conditions for more information.