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Now available!! Peco Garden Day Tickets. These tickets are valid for Sunday the 22nd July 2018 only. Pecorama offer a special admission price of £8 per person for a Standard Ticket on this day. Gate receipts less VAT on this day are then donated to our chosen charties, which this year are CLIC Sargent and Devon Freewheelers.

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We protect animals in danger around the world. Please donate, it means so much to our work and we cannot claim back Gift Aid from the government if you do not. By giving a little you are helping a lot.
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Peco Charity Day
Tickets valid for 22nd July only
1-2 years Charity Day
£2.00£2.00 £0.00
3-12 years Charity Day
£8.00£8.00 £0.00
13-64 years Charity Day
£8.00£8.00 £0.00
64-79 years Charity Day
£8.00£8.00 £0.00
Total:    £0.00

Please note tickets are non-refundable and can only be used for the event for which they have been purchased. See Terms and Conditions for more information.

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