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The Living Rainforest is both a visitor centre and an acclaimed educational charity. Our plants and animals represent species found in tropical rainforests around the world where a warm and humid environment is vital to their wellbeing.

By demonstrating the challenges to tropical rainforests and showing the richness of life in them at our visitor centre, and working with schools, governments and NGOs, we aim to empower people to bring about the changes required to ensure a sustainable future for everyone.

We rely solely on income from visitors to The Living Rainforest and the fundraising efforts of our supporters. If you are a UK taxpayer, please tick the Gift Aid option to increase your donation at no extra cost to you. Your generosity will help secure the future of The Living Rainforest.

We are immensely grateful for your support, and thank you for helping us.

The management & staff of The Living Rainforest

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We are a charity.
We protect animals in danger around the world. Please donate, it means so much to our work and we cannot claim back Gift Aid from the government if you do not. By giving a little you are helping a lot.
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What is Gift Aid?

Gift Aid allows charities like us to reclaim tax (25p for every £1) from the government on your donations. If you are a UK taxpayer, by opting to Gift Aid you enable us to treat your payment as a donation, so for each £1 you spend we receive 25p back from the government.

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